St Ives

Our Vision

Photography is a fantastic hobby that need time and a bit of dedication to get the most from your camera. We aim to put you in front of some of the best and most exciting scenes the Isle of Wight and the Solent has to offer. From frenetic action packed sailing and water sports to dramatic sunsets and iconic vistas. We have characters and models to enhance and tell the story within your photos. You will create images to build your own portfolio that are just not accessible with out us.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours is like so many others where a passion for what we love doing became an obsession that others share. We have taken photos all around the world but realised the great images are all around us, all the time we just forget to look. So at Shoreshot we lead you to the great images and help you capture them in the most creative way.

Having spent a working life art directing photos for clients Its now time to take the images I want, how I want to take them.


Meet the Team

We’re passionate about what we do and about people too, we like to think of our guests as friend and hope you feel the same way when you leave.

Gill portrait 2

Gill Walker

Back Office Admin

Gill is all about detail and organic cooking, sample her biscuits at every coffee break!

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Andy Walker

Creative Director

Worked behind the camera for many years in marketing and advertising, now sharing the passion for capturing images just for the love of it!


Chris Phillips

Island Liason

Chris is our ground agent with contacts all over the Island a great facilitator and fixer. And really creative too!

Next Steps…

Book your tour now by speaking to us directly, we are here to help. Let us put your mind at rest and create a fantastic photographic tour you will thoroughly enjoy.

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