Your enjoyment is our main aim, and we are here to relive you of any stress and worry. We customise the tour to suit your group and take care of all arrangements.

What do I need to bring?

Camera! (believe me it’s happened) and it’s charger, memory cards, tripod (for land based shots). Don’t bring everything! it will weigh you down and be annoying for evert one else.

What should I wear?

Out on the water it can be cold so layer up and it can be wet so waterproof jacket and trousers if you have them. Plus dependant on the time of year you will need a hat that covers your ears and gloves what not photographing. Wellington boots are good of shoes you don’t mind getting wet. One other thing, sun glasses are a must even on dull days the glare can become very tiring.

Do I need to bring my car over?

NO, defiantly not. Not only will it save you the cost of the ferry, but getting around the Island, parking can be a problem if you don’t know the Island. We have a 8 passenger minibus that keeps the group together and carries all your kit too.

Can you cope with disabilities?

Yes and No, it really depends on your individual circumstances and we will try and accommodate you on an individual basis. You must however understand the boat skipper is responsible for your safety and his decision is final.